Another attempt at Big Boss with brush tips! So much happier with this one. Again I used the box art as reference because I’m a scrub.

Anyone wanna buy it? Email:

(He’s still damn hot.)

MGS3: Snake Eater (box art)

This was a piece I started early in the summer. It’s been sitting in my folder bothering me for a while, so I tried to finish it before midnight and this was the result. 

I like sort of like the roughness of it. A bit too much green though, still in all I think it turned out alright.

I’m sorry to the people who were following me for that little miss-hap, if it was cluttering your feed. Here have some comics about the matter, as you can tell, I really despise people that trace without giving proper credit. Hey guys, if you want to be artists, for the love of God, save yourselves a lot of trouble, be honest and admit to when you use a reference. There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you do.

Visual References: